The Duties
Detailed below is an indication of the responsibilities that we can assist with. We can also assist clients
to develop their skills, with the aim of increasing, re-establishing or maintaining independence.
Please note, this is not an exhaustive list and from our experience to date we have found that by
discussing and assessing a client’s individual requirements we can then present our clients with a
care/service plan detailing the proposed services. On occasions and for named clients only, we have
undertaken more specialised tasks.
Personal Care
• Assistance to get in or out of bed
• Washing
• Bathing/showering
• Getting dressed or undressed
• Going to the bathroom/toilet
• Hair care
• Skin care
• Going to bed
• Administration of, prompting to take, and/or supervision of medication
• Managing continence
Nutritional Care
• Preparation of drinks
• Preparation of breakfast
• Preparation of hot meal

• Preparation of light meals/snacks
• Assistance with nutrition
• Assistance with eating
• Managing food hygiene
• Menu planning
• Delivery of meals
• Escorting to the Dining Room
Practical Care
• Shopping
• Hand washing
• Laundry / ironing
• Washing up
• Making/changing bed(s)
• Minor clothes repairs (e.g. sewing on buttons)
• Housekeeping of toilets/bathrooms and showers
• Light/medium housework
• Assistance with using the heating etc.
Financial Care and Correspondence
• Assistance with general correspondence
• Assistance with completion of forms, an example being the Attendance
• Assistance with the paying of household bills
Social Care
• Assisting with use of the telephone
• Assistance with maintaining social contact
• Assisting with escort duties
• Assistance with the arrangement and attending of appointment